5 Signs You are in a Bad Marriage

 5 Signs You are in a Bad Marriage

A bad marriage, bluntly put, is like a bad investment. It can give you sleepless nights, destroy your sense of well being and self esteem and even affect your health in the worst possible manner. However, a timely detection of the state of your marriage can better address the marital problems till it’s worth saving or lessen the pain to a considerable degree should there be a break. Here are five signs you are in a bad marriage.

1. You seem to have never ending fights

Be it the finances, taking care of the kids or sharing the domestic responsibilities, you seem to lock horns only too often. Once in a while, when you do ponder over the reasons you can’t find definite answers. One reason seems to point to another, and all problems seem to jumble up and you feel a very strong urge to blame your spouse. These are clear indications that your marital discord has gone much deeper than usual fights. May be there are other, far more serious reasons for unhappiness, between you two.

2. You have lots of issues but you never fight

Not fighting is good right? Wrong. Sometimes couples simply don’t feel they care enough about the marriage to start talking about the problems. Both become cold, pathetically unmindful of each other’s needs and what they want from each other. It’s as if the other person doesn’t exist. In such a case, the marriage has been long dead, only no one has acknowledged the demise!

3. The physical attraction has gone

Days of hot sex with your spouse seem like memories from another life. You two seem to never have time to get up, close and personal. And when you do, either the sex is non existent, or it feels like a chore. And once in a blue moon when you end up having sex, you seem to go dead inside, not feeling anything and counting minutes to get it done with. This is a tell tale sign your marriage has hit the rock bottom.

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