7 Signs You are Not Ready to Date Again

7 Signs You are Not Ready to Date Again

Breakups are like internal injuries. Even when there are no signs of a visible wound, you feel the aches and pains, long after. That’s why it takes time to heal. Many people commit the mistake of hopping back into the dating game, right after. But if it was a long, serious relationship you might want to reconsider. Are you ready to date at all? If you are unsure, read on. Here are seven signs you are not ready to date again.

1. The sadness hasn’t gone yet

You are getting back on your feet and on the way to recovery. But there are unwarranted moments. Like while having a cup of coffee on a quite evening you gaze into space and your mind takes you back to memories of what could have been. When your heart again feels the sadness the end of a relationship brings. These are tell-tale signs you have yet to recover from the heart break, let alone start dating.

2. You still end up talking/thinking about your ex while with someone else

Everyone who has ever had a break up knows it’s no use fixating over the past. You got to move on; mix up with your friends, date someone new, embrace life again. But while dating or hanging around with pals do you tend to think of your ex? Do you seem to bore everyone with your rambling talks that links back to your ex, by default? If this sounds like you, you are just not ready for the game yet.

3. You have yet to make peace with yourself

A breakup might bring a bunch of confusions and self-contradictions, especially when you are the one that got dumped. “Was I too quick to give up on my boyfriend” – you seem to ask yourself similar questions. While self-analysis is a very important step towards recovery, this means you haven’t recovered yet. You have yet to learn the lessons a broken relationship might teach. So don’t date if you haven’t made peace with yourself, because you might end up repeating the same pattern.

4. Confidence hasn’t been regained

People go through stages of low self-confidence after a breakup. Suddenly, you don’t know who you are, what life would be like without your ex. It’s often a slow and painful process to gain what you lost. So, if you still feel like you are down in the dumps, you are not ready to date. Clearly, no one likes to be around an unhappy person. As a result, cold shoulders from the new dates will affect you even more. So stay away!

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