How to Make Wedding Invitation Cards?

How to Make Wedding Invitation Cards?

You have started planning for your wedding in full spirit and the guest list is ready. You’ve gone through the list multiple times to ensure that all your near and dear ones are there and that you haven’t missed out on anyone important. And suddenly, you realize that your job doesn’t end just there, because after making the list you need to send them invitations as well! But you don’t want your wedding invites to be the regular kind. You want to make them unique and different. What do you do?

1. Make online wedding invitations

Online wedding invitations are getting more famous by the day. This is not just a good way to save paper and be environment friendly, but also a good way to reach out to plenty of people in one go. You can choose to make Ecards on free invitation card design websites or you could design one yourself and email it to your friends. You and your partner could also get creative and make a website for yourself, putting your love story details from the day you met to how you fell in love etc. with interesting pictures and could formally put an invitation on the last page of the website to ask people to come and bless you on your wedding. Make a Twitter account and keep everyone updated on the wedding preparations, also make a Facebook event for the final day! With these methods, you’ll see love and help pouring on you from everyone around you.

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