6 Hot Tips to Flirt Through Text

6 Hot Tips to Flirt Through Text

‘Sextexting’ or sexy conversation via text is quite an art. Not only do you need to maintain an interesting conversation, you got to choose and use your words carefully so that they convey your full intent and tone too. Here are some tips for you to start a sexy steamy conversation via text:

1. Make it cute with smileys

When you are talking you can convey a lot with your tone and body language. But when you are texting, you just have your words to fall back upon. Luckily, you can power pack your words with expressions by adding cute smileys or emoticons. So make use of them as much as possible. A simple wink smiley along with ‘Hi’ can really start a naughty conversation too.

2. Keep it short and sweet

Long conversation can end up being boring and monotonous. The most important thing when you are texting is that the other person should never feel bored. So the best way to maintain interest is to keep it short and sweet. The moment you realize it’s getting lengthy and losing its grip, say bye.

3. Keep it subtle

A sexy conversation is always subtle where you say enough to arouse interest but stop short of saying it all. Keep your partner guessing. That’s where true fun lies.

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