8 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

8 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is here! It’s time for unwrapping your presents and use time to make something innovative and useful for your near and dear ones. Here are 8 exciting ideas for handmade Christmas gifts.

1. Handmade candles

Beautiful handmade candles of various shapes and vibrant colors can be easily made at home. Candle making tips and kits are easily available in market. You can gift floating candles, gel candles, wax candles to your loved ones. The candles can be beautifully decorated with ribbons, bows, stars or a Santa.

2. Christmas basket

A basket full of Christmas goodies- chocolates, cookies, gifts, wine, and candies shaped like Christmas decor and homemade sweets. The basket can be beautifully decorated with Christmas articles like stars, Santa sock, bows, wreaths and ribbons and personalized greetings.

3. Christmas lanterns

This is an easy, creative option. You can make star shaped lanterns with gaps for light to pass through. They can be of various types, sizes and colors. You can use it for Christmas lighting. Your house will look bright and lit up.

4. Wine bottle cover

Gifting a bottle of wine in a beautiful fabric tied with ribbon or bow can make this simple gifting idea really creative, appealing and easy.

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