5 Health Benefits of Lentil Soup

5 Health Benefits of Lentil Soup

What chicken soup is to meat-eaters, lentil soup is to vegetarians. Lentils are known to be the first crops which were cultivated in the Near East between 9,500-13,000 years ago. Lentils are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and proteins, besides containing a fair amount of water. They also contain some measures of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, thiamine, sodium, zinc and vitamin B1. Besides, they are a healthy yet inexpensive source of proteins, fiber, iron and minerals. Lentil soup has many benefits, some are listed below. Continue reading to know.

1. Blessed food

According to the Shia narrations, seventy Prophets, including Mohammed and Jesus have blessed lentils.

2. Cures liver problems, cold and fever

While Hippocrates told patients with liver problems to eat lentils, lentil soup is recommended by several health experts/dietitians to people who are recuperating from illness or a stomach upset, or those who have a cold or fever.

3. Curing stomach ailments

Porridge made of rice and lentils, is a popular dish eaten in India and Pakistan; a slightly watery version of porridge is generally eaten when one is recovering from a stomach ailment.

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