5 Ways How Healthy Flirting Helps At A Workplace

There is a fine line between healthy flirting and flirting that can be dangerous. Everyone knows that flirting exists in colleges, universities and even offices, right? But there is something that differentiates healthy flirting from sexual flirting? Do you know what it is? Let’s find out what healthy flirting really is.

1. Healthy Flirting: Breaks the ice

Flirting does not always have to be backed by intentions of wooing a woman or a man. Sometimes, flirting can be used as a medium to break the ice between two people. Say for example, if you are a research student and it is your first day at work at the lab. The manager may come up to you and say ‘I never knew they made pretty research students anymore. Hi, I am Tom, the manager around here’. This is healthy flirting which can help break the ice in unfamiliar environments.

2. Healthy Flirting: Injects humor at work

Flirting can be a great way of reminding us of the lighter side of life, especially in an office environment where you’re stuck in a routine of work, work and more work from morning to evening. Your boss may say ‘Stacy, you’ve done a great job on this report here. Whoever thought that pretty women could write great reports too?’ Although your boss is subtly telling you that you’re pretty, his main aim is to inject some light humor and appreciate your work.

3. Healthy Flirting: Reduces stress

Research suggests that flirting can go a long way in reducing stress and pressure from work faced by employees in an office. If your boss comes out of his office and shouts out, saying, ‘Hey, there is no law in this world that says pretty women like you should not be given work. We have a big day today, my dear women. Let’s be on our toes’. As you can see, the boss is trying to help the staff cope up with the stress of a long day with some subtle and healthy flirting.

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