6 Great Herbs for Weight Loss

6 Great Herbs for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a subject that is often handled in different ways by different people. The contemporary age has several alternatives for weight reduction. Some resort to the more natural ones and some stick to conventional stuff. Nature has blessed us with millions of herbs, each of them conducive to different health conditions. There are many herbs that facilitate weight loss when consumed in a routine manner. Besides aiding weight loss, they are also ideal for deriving good health. Listed here are some such herbs for weight loss.

1. Guggul

One of nature’s and Ayurveda’s best remedy for different illnesses, guggul facilitates weight loss, besides offering relief from joint pain and minimizing cholesterol. Many studies have proved that individuals who consumed 750mg of guggul every day and also did aerobic and strength training workouts at least thrice a week consistently for six weeks lost six pounds on an average. By accelerating hormone levels, guggul metabolizes fat in the body and betters thyroid function. The immunomodulating properties in this herb control blood lipids.

2. Dandelion

Dandelion is a diuretic from nature. It brings down or regulates water levels in the body and therefore facilitates the process of weight reduction. However, the herb has been proven to cause allergic reactions and hence doctor’s recommendation is necessary for consuming the herb.

3. Senna

Senna is one of those vital herbs that are used in several herbal concoctions to facilitate weight loss. Being an excellent natural laxative, senna flushes toxins from your body. However, the herb must be taken only under prescription from a doctor since it is known to cause specific side effects. An over or under dosage can cause dehydration or constipation.

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