Top 10 Questions to Ask In An Interview

Top 10 Questions to Ask In An Interview

Whether you are part of the human resource department or are an employer seeking to hire people for your own organization, the task of selecting the right people whose contribution to your organization would be meaningful is a very crucial step towards the overall growth and improvement of your business. Selection in most organizations is done on the basis of personal interviews, except in certain cases where the task requires a certain skill which is tested upon. When you are conducting an interview, you must ask certain specific questions in order to gage the suitability of a candidate before selecting him/her. Here are some of the questions to ask in an interview. Have a look at them.

1. Why did you choose to have a career in this industry?

This question should be asked to understand whether the candidate is in the field due to family pressure or due to his/her own passion or whether because nothing else worked out. You will understand how much the candidate is actually interested in the job or is it more of an obligation in order to earn a living.

2. What are your strengths?

The strengths of a candidate are the key essentials needed for the job in question or the qualities one should have for being able to work in a team. Depending upon the profile you are offering, you should look out for specific qualities in the candidate you are interviewing by shooting this question.

3. What are your weaknesses?

Just as strengths are important to know about, you must also ask the candidate about his/her weaknesses. The candidate is most likely to talk about a weakness that is negligible or a weakness that may also be called as a strength for the job. Whatever be the candidate’s reply, you will have an understanding of how he/she handles situations.

4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This question should be asked to see what the orientation of the candidate is, whether or not he/she is well planned and organized and knows well what he/she wants to achieve and where he/she eventually wants to be in the industry. This is a way to get an idea of the career goals of the candidate and see whether it is suitable for the current job profile you are offering.

5. Why should you be considered for this position?

You need to understand why the candidate has applied to your organization and whether he/she really wants the job or whether he/she has applied because nothing else worked out or only because you are offering a higher pay package. Get to know why the candidate thinks he/she is most suitable for the profile and why he/she should be selected over the others.

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