4 Tips on What to Do If You Want to be With Your Ex Again

Tips on What to Do If You Want to be With Your Ex Again

Have you ever wished that you had never broken up with your ex and still keep wishing that you could somehow be together? Unless you had done something really bad and there is no chance of reconciliation, you can always try to get back with him. Your chances of getting back with him depends a lot on how and why you two broke off your relationship in the first place. If you both had been young and just drifted off, you can always pick up from where you had left off. If you had cheated on him, you can still ask for his forgiveness or explain to him why you had behaved in such a way. Time heals a lot of things and maybe you can get back with your ex too. Just make sure he is single and that you are not trying to break up his marriage or another relationship in your quest to get back with him. Here are some tips on what to do if you want to be with your ex again.

1. Let him know that you would like to see him again

You can either call him or write to him and ask him if he would like to catch up with a coffee or a meal. If you do not want to be direct too early, send him a mail or a request in social media platforms. Send him a letter or a card on his birthday and write a short letter saying that you miss him and that you would love it if he’d be interested in renewing your friendship again. It is important that he knows you want to get back with him.

2. Let him know through your common friends

If your ex and you had common friends and you are still in touch with those friends, let him know through them that you are interested in getting back with him. You can tell them that you would like to meet your ex and ask for their help. Friends are also an important source of information about your ex and can let you know if you can make your move. Remember to be nice to his friends as they might come handy in such situations.

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