16 Virgo Personality Traits


Those under the Virgo zodiac sign are born during the period of August 23 to September 22. They are known for being picky, though they are hard workers. We give you 15 Virgo personality traits.

1. They are good friends and communal in nature. They are in constant need of friendship though they are wary of admitting it.

2. They are energetic and at the same time steady and faithful.

3. They are able to communicate well with their children, though the Virgo mother may end up being too domineering.

4. They have a very fidgety nature.

5. They are neat, organized and love to take their time while eating.

6. They have stable marriages because of their conventional attitude towards it.

7. They seek support, both mental and physical, but in case their partner deviates, they may break down mentally.

8. They are not into public display of affection, but are more of quiet lovers. They enjoy subtle romantic getaways and candle-light dinners.

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