15 Scorpio Personality Traits

15 Scorpio Personality Traits

Those under the Scorpio zodiac sign are born during the period of October 23 to November 21. Known for their deadly sting, Scorpios are serious people. We give you 15 Scorpio personality traits.

1. They have a charming, magnetic and striking personality. They attract people towards them because of this trait.

2. They are fond of a luxurious lifestyle and are mostly health freaks.

3. They have a wide perspective of life in general and know which way they need to go to achieve what they want.

4. They need to keep their strong urges in control otherwise they might get caught up in embarrassing situations.

5. They are very loyal as friends though they choose friends very carefully.

6. Scorpio mothers are strict but very loving. They have an instinctive passion for motherhood.

7. They are very romantic lovers and extremely charming when it comes to overwhelm their partners.

8. Though not an ideal spouse, Scorpios are very serious in their marriages. They even sacrifice a lot to have a nice marriage and home.

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