50 Things Women Want In Men

50 Things Women Want In Men

We women want a lot of things from men. Sometimes we wish they would just secretly know it all! But since men will be men, most times you have to just tell it out to them. Here are 50 things that women want in men.

1. Hold her waist or hips.

2. Brush her hair off her face.

3. Get her flowers often.

4. Call her without any specific reason.

5. Dedicate a song on the radio for her with a special message.

6. Wear her favorite cologne.

7. Give her gifts even when there’s no occasion.

8. Be extra nice to her friends and also hang out with them.

9. Hug her every chance he gets.

10. Make her sit on your lap.

11. Hold her hand even when the whole world is watching.

12. When you go out with her, don’t even think, just take out your wallet and pay.

13. Look deep into her eyes when in conversation with her.

14. Kiss her on her forehead.

15. Put your hands in the back pockets of her jeans.

16. Make sacrifices for her, even the small ones matter.

17. Once in a while, public displays of affection are cute.

18. Tell her that you love her.

19. Support her when someone talks about her behind her back. Stand up for her and put an end to it.

20. Respect her wishes. If you want to go a step further in the relationship, tell her but also respect her if her answer is no.

21. Never lie to her. A relationship is based on the foundation of trust. Don’t crack it.

22. When you are with friends, hold her tight and and put your arm around her.

23. Kiss her in the rain.

24. Give her your T-shirt. She will love it because it would have your scent.

25. Spend some alone time with her.

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