5 Weddings that Have Gone Down In History

5 Weddings that Have Gone Down In History

Surveys report that an increasing number of couples are calling it quits these days. Psychologists state a lot of reasons behind this would be infidelity, lack of communication, child rearing or just plain ego problems. Celebrities and even royal couples have been a victim of clash between spouses. Here are a few memorable weddings that have gone down in history.

1. Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves (January 1540 – July 1540)

This wedding takes the cake for being oldest in history to go down. Anne of Cleves was the fourth of six wives of King Henry VIII, but the marriage lasted only a few months. The marriage was destined to be a failure even before it took place at the royal Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, London on 6th January, 1540. A few days before the wedding the King decided to surprise his wife by visiting her in a disguise. The German noblewoman, however, had no idea that this could happen and failed to recognize the King. Historians believe that this blow to the King’s pride was his reason for taking an immediate dislike towards the lady, which he tried to blame upon her bad looks. Although he agreed to marry her, the marriage was annulled on 9th July 1540. Anne was given a generous amount of riches and property and received an honorary status in the royal family.

2. Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker (1919 -1921)

Rudolph Valentino impulsively married actress Jean Acker in November of 1919. Acker, an American actress, immediately deplored marrying him and to show her disapproval, she refused to let him enter their hotel suite. The marriage was reported never to have been consummated, and eventually came to an end in March 1923. The actress was said to be a lesbian and to get herself out of it she married Rudolf, an Italian actor. However, this was not meant to be and they both went their separate ways.

3. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (January 2004 – January 2004)

Britney Spears really got the tabloid mill whirring in January 2004 when she took the vows with her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, in the ‘Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip’. This marriage couldn’t have been more ‘casual’, with the bride wearing a black top, ripped jeans and a baseball cap at the wedding. The marriage was annulled 55 hours later. Britney claims it to be a joke that went too far. Quite funny!

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