6 Signs You Are Anorexic

6 Signs You Are Anorexic

Do your friends taunt you on your weight loss too often? Is your family worried that you look too thin? Then it is possible that you are anorexic. There are many signs which can help you to identify the condition of anorexia. Many women are not aware of this condition. Read on to know more about the signs that you are anorexic.

1. It starts with weight loss

There can be excessive weight loss, if you are suffering from the condition of anorexia. If it seems like a normal weight loss, then think again. You must realize that excessive weight loss is the number one sign of anorexia.

2. Refusal to eat out

Do you refuse to eat out or anywhere in public places? This could be a possible sign of anorexia. Women suffering from anorexia are often shy to eat out. They are always worried about their weight. Many women also avoid food, which could lead to anorexia.

3. Obsession with calories and diet

If you are too obsessed with your diet and calories, this is a warning sign of anorexia. Many women maintain a calorie chart and diet chart. However, they are not aware of side effects of dieting. This may lead to condition of anorexia. Having a good diet is important to prevent the condition of anorexia.

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