A Study by University of Essex Says that First Born Girls are more Ambitious

A Study by University of Essex Says that First Born Girls are more Ambitious

There have always been theories and postulations about how the order of your birth in the family defines you as a person and shapes your education and career prospects in the future. Most of these theories have so far been supported by evidence that was shoddy or just plain comparative. But there has been a new study by the University of Essex and it says that first born girls are more ambitious than their other siblings and they are more likely to make it to college or finish school than the rest of their siblings. This study was conducted on 1,503 sibling clusters and 3,532 individuals took part in the massive British Household Panel Survey. Here are some things to know about the survey which claims that first born girls do well in life.

1. The study was conducted by Feifei Bu

Over 1,503 sibling clusters and 3,532 individuals were part of the study- the massive British household panel survey and this was just an extension of the previous UK household longitudinal study.

2. The study uses multi-level modelling techniques

Unlike the previous studies on sibling behavior and characteristic traits, this study uses multi-level modelling techniques. The results from the survey and the techniques used suggest that the birth order effects are more than just a methodological illusion.

3. The study has found out that it is not the sex of the siblings or the number of siblings that matter but the spacing between each siblings

The study claims that the age gap between siblings play a part in defining their roles and career choices and that siblings with an age gap of four or more years at 13 are far more likelier to pursue a higher education.

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