Top 5 Ways to Fight Stress

Top 5 Ways to Fight Stress

Lidya, 45, a yoga teacher in the Upper Eastern side of NYC gets chatty about her unique ways of fighting stress, in addition to doing Yoga of course! Let’s check out these cool ways to get rid of all that dirty stress from our lives. And guess what, Lydia says that all her tips apply to people of all ages!

1. Exchange sweet nothings with your partner

“Contrary to the belief that only sexual intercourse can fight stress, I believe in sharing sweet nothings with my husband Ross when we don’t have much time on hand”, said Lidya. “What fights my stress is that we vent the entire day’s happenings on each other and don’t keep anything inside us. And of course, we never miss out on the flirting”, she winked.

2. Indulge in aphrodisiacs

“Aphro…what?”, we asked Lydia, confused. Laughing aloud she said, “Aphrodisiacs are great ways of fighting stress. They are foods that release the happy hormones in your body and make you feel elated and light”. Go get your dose of dark chocolate, exotic cheese and wine to fight that stress today.

3. Get some retail therapy

“Going shopping doesn’t always mean spending tons of money”, said Lidya. “You can always window shop to fight stress. All the color, glitz, glamor and the buzz of the mall and the flea markets will get you so charged up, that you won’t feel stressed anymore”, she added. Friends, we’re sure that the men out there wouldn’t mind using retail therapy to fight stress.

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