Top 5 Cheap Vacation Ideas

Top 5 Cheap Vacation Ideas

Are you looking for vacation ideas that won’t cost you a bomb? Have you saved just enough for a shoestring trip this year? Don’t worry, for here are top 5 cheap vacation ideas that will serve you well in times of your need to travel with a light pocket.

1. Visit cities where you have family and friends

The idea here is obviously not to conveniently dump yourself on your relatives, but you can have the cake and eat it too. To get free lodging at a relative’s place in a different city, make sure you return their favors by cooking a meal while they’re at work or help them with household chores.

2. Go camping in a group

The best way to have a frugal vacation and to cut costs is to go camping in a group. Not only will you end up halving your costs by sharing supplies and other miscellaneous expenses, you will also save up expensive hotel rooms by living in tents and using inexpensive motels on the way. As far as camping equipment is concerned, you can always beg and borrow from friends.

3. Head out to areas closer to your city

What do you think is the big bonanza in planning a vacation that sucks up all your funds? Accommodation and transportation of course! You can have a frugal vacation by taking short day trips to areas close to your city’s periphery. Visit a scenic lake, a waterfall or a local cheese factory. The fun factor in your vacation should matter, not how luxurious it is.

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