7 Signs You are the Rebound Girl

7 Signs You are the Rebound Girl

Relationships are always complicated. When there is no clarity regarding things, then stay alert on the situation. It is possible that you are just a rebound for him. It is possible that he is still hung up on his ex? Well, there are some signs that can help you with this. Read on to know more.

1. Look alike

Does he tell you that you look a lot like his ex? If he tells you once, then ignore the topic. But, if he tells you frequently, then it is quite evident that he still likes his ex a lot. Who knows, he might still be in love with her. You could be a rebound for him in this situation. So, watch out for this sign.

2. Places known

Does he bring you to a place where his ex would be seen? This is quite an evident sign that he is still stuck in the dreams of his ex. He would purposely get you to places, where he can see or rather meet his ex. He is planning out some coincidences, so you better be aware of this behavior.

3. Pictures say it all

Why would he have his pictures with his ex if he has already broken up with her? If he still has his ex girlfriend’s picture on his cell or his laptop, then be assured something is fishy. He might have feelings for his ex, confront him on this behavior. Because you are a rebound in this situation!

4. No attachment

Commitment and attachment are two different things. He might commit to you, but is he attached to you? You got to ask this question to him. If he still misses his ex, then it is evident that he is not attached to you emotionally. Emotional attachment does play an important role in a relationship.

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