5 Must-Have Hello Kitty Items

5 Must-Have Hello Kitty Items

Hello Kitty, the Japanese fictional character has taken over the world by storm. Originally marketed for the kids, it soon became a product to be had for adults too with the hello kitty image appearing on everything from bags to purses, cosmetics, accessories, water bottles and much more. Hello kitty also is a popular theme for birthday parties and it is not very unusual to see a whole party based on this theme with a hello kitty birthday cake, cupcakes and clothes. There are also rooms in karaoke bars with a hello kitty theme. Hello Kitty is part of the Kawaii culture in Japan; Kawaii means cute and hello Kitty is definitely cute.

1. Hello Kitty Tokyo Eye shadow Palette

It comes with six shades and a large luminizer. It comes packed with a compact vanity mirror so you can do your eyes wherever you are. It blends well and creates a stunning look that stays throughout the day. What makes it extra special is the removable makeup pan. When you are done with the eye shadow, you can use it as a small collectible box.

2. Hello Kitty fragrance

The bottle is so cute to look at. The perfume comes in an adorable bottle with a crystalline bow and a pink atomizer that makes it look both cute and chic. It is a must have. It can also be carried around during your travel as the atomizer is removable. The fragrance also is mild and is a mixture of apples, exotic fruits and flowers.

3. Hello kitty Luggage

What better way to stand out in the airport crowds than by carrying a hello kitty luggage that comes in various shades of pink and white. They look cute and also are strong and durable and can survive airline luggage handling.

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