5 Things To Take On A Long Road Trip

5 Things To Take On A Long Road Trip

Road trips never cease to amaze us, do they? But as much fun as they are, they can put you in serious trouble if you haven’t planned and carried some absolutely essential items with you. Check out a few tips on what items you must carry, from Salvatore and Keisha, a couple who has taken many long road trips in the past.

1. Spare chargers and extra batteries

“More than your iPhone and laptop, an essential item to carry on a long trip is your set of chargers and spare batteries. I remember there was one road trip we took to Yellowstone National Park and we couldn’t take any pictures because our camera ran out of batteries by the time we reached there”, sighed Keisha.

2. Lots of mineral water

“This might sound unnecessary at the outset, but for us, it turned out to be an essential item to carry on a long road trip”, said Salvatore, remembering their long road trip to the Swiss Alps during their European vacation. “Extra mineral water bottles are a must to carry because you never know when there’s a national holiday and all the gas station stores are shut. You might even encounter a water vending machine which stops running just when you need it”, he added. We agree. This essential item to carry on a long road trip is something you shouldn’t ignore.

3. Great music

“Great music is essential to accompany you in a long road trip because it can completely change your experience and memories of the road trip”, said Salvatore, who mentioned that he has a habit of making separate playlists catered to different road trips according to their moods. Friends, isn’t that a great idea of an essential item you must include in a long road trip?

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