5 Tips to Get Your Husband to Listen to You

5 Tips to Get Your Husband to Listen to You

There are a lot of jokes that have been floating around for years that depict a woman going on and on and the husband either shutting himself off or just letting it bounce. Getting men and especially husbands listen to you can be tricky at times especially if your husband is very strong willed and has a mind of his own. You don’t have to always end up complaining about him not listening to you. You can follow some of the tips below to ensure that he is all ears when you are telling him something or want him to do something for you.

1. Do not make a complaint sound like one

If you have a complaint against your husband, phrase it in a way that it does not sound like a complaint. You can make it sound like a request instead or pique his curiosity by beginning to do it yourself. If he is not painting the walls as you requested him to do, quit complaining and ask him if he can do it for you or pick up the bucket and start doing it. He will soon listen to the non verbal signals you are sending him.

2. Pick out the right time

Since you get to spend a lot of time with him, you would know when you can tell him what. If mornings are a good time to talk to him, then do it. Or if he is not a morning person and is at his most relaxed when he hits the bed, start talking to him then. The important thing is to pick the right time.

3. Do not go on and on

Do not pounce on him with whatever you have to say as soon as he gets back home. And once you get started, do not go on and on. He is either going to get irritated or get bored. His concentration levels are also definitely going to waver. Break whatever you have to say into precise chunks. The smaller it is the more effective his listening skills would be. Instead of going on and on, you can be succinct and put it in a few choice words.

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