Top 5 Tips To Make Washing Clothes Easy

Top 5 Tips To Make Washing Clothes Easy

How amazing would it be if your clothes always remained as new and fresh as they were when you first bought them? Guess what– that’s not impossible! All you have to do is be aware of a few things before you dump your clothes into washer. Here’s what you ladies must know.

1. Do your prep first

As miniscule and boring as it sounds, trust me, this will really save your time. Get your act together– organize your laundry. What’s the point, you think? Well, it is to not spend the whole day in there! And the easiest way to do this is to put everything in order. Have a set place for each item- your soap, your liquids, your basket, your table, and so on. Not only will your laundry area look spic and span, you’ll also get to know when you need to refill your materials.

2. Use washing bags for delicates

This is coming straight from my experience, so it’ll work well for you too. Do you know how I lost three of my favorite bras? One of my bra wires got loose and caught in the washing machine. What a disaster! Wait, it does not end there. I also lost a beautiful delicate tee shirt that my boyfriend gifted me when he came back from Thailand. After washing, my poor tee literally looked like split ends on the hair! Don’t want this to happen to you, right? Simply use a washing bag for all your delicates. Delicates could be you whites, your special lingerie, lycra sweaters or any other delicate clothes that you may not want to take a chance ruining.

3. Home remedies are great

Have you ever tried doing an internet search on how to remove arrogant stains, or how to bring natural fragrance to soiled clothes? Try doing it and you will come across millions of tips about remedies for just about anything under the sun. My favorite one is this- to remove perspiration spots in clothes, try soaking them in warm vinegar and water and then put them for a wash. Vinegar, starch, petroleum jelly, lemon juice, epsom salts, borax– all of us have our personal favourite home remedy to those nasty stains. I personally like to add a little shampoo or a hair conditioner when I wash my woollens. It’ my magic touch.

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