7 Ways To Make Up With Your Boyfriend

7 Ways To Make Up With Your Boyfriend

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we hurt the ones we love. However, we should keep all our egos aside and make sure we apologize right away. Even a little misunderstanding can ruin a relationship. So never waste time when it’s your fault. Show your boyfriend that you are sorry and you really care about him. Here are 7 ideas how to make up with your boyfriend.

1. Confront him

Speak to him in person. It is also easier to express yourself better when it is face-to-face. Tell him how sorry you are and that you are ready to do whatever it takes to make him happy again.

2. Pen it down

Sometimes words can be more expressive when they are penned down. Write him a letter giving him an explanation about what happened. Tell him what he means to you and how much you wish that you could make it up to him.

3. A box of chocolates

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Get him heart shaped chocolates neatly packed in a wonderfully decorated box. If possible prepare the chocolates yourself for him. Also decorate the box using pictures, ribbons and sad smileys. He will surely appreciate your efforts.

4. Sing a song for him

You don’t have to be an American Idol. All that matters is that you sing from your heart. If you can play a musical instrument, play it as you sing. Choose a really romantic song that is most appropriate and voila! You are ready to make his heart melt faster than a candle on fire.

5. Flowers

Whoever said men were not okay with flowers. A bouquet of white and red roses will work the magic. White stands for peace and red stands for love. Don’t forget to attach an ‘I’m sorry’ tag with the bouquet.

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