6 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

6 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter calls for the time to use our minds to do something creative and wonderful. Making Easter crafts is the best way to spend your time during the Easter season. They look good and can also be used all year round to decorate our houses. Here are a few Easter craft ideas you got to try out. So roll up your sleeves and get your innovative side out of the closet right away.

1. Easter Egg Decoration

Paint the outer part of an Easter egg using eggs dyes. Eye dyes are prepared using 3/4th of a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and food coloring. Use a different color for each egg. Once it is fully dried up, use other dyes to paint creative designs on the shell of the egg. Use stickers or ribbons to decorate the egg shell further.

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2. Easter Basket Decoration

The next step is to place the eggs in an Easter Basket. To prepare an Easter basket, you will require a cane basket or you can even prepare the cane basket on your own and then decorate it. Later you can use flowers or ribbons to decorate the basket and make it more attractive.

3. Easter Bunny Caps

These will be very popular especially among children. Easter bunny caps refer to the caps that resemble the ears on a rabbits head, worn by people. It could be only the ears or it could also include the eyes. To prepare this you will require white and pink construction paper. Cut and frame it according to the shape of the person’s head. Finally make sure the ears are long enough and stand upwards. Use the pink construction paper on the inside in such a way that it resembles a rabbits ears.

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