5 Tips to Deal with a Gay Friend

5 Tips to Deal with a Gay Friend

Have you recently discovered that your friend is a gay, and are unable to accept it? Do you find it difficult to talk and behave normally while in the company of your gay friend? Are you unsure about how to handle your relationship with a friend who is a gay? If yes, then here are a few tips to help you deal with this situation.

1. Make it non-religious

It is important that you take a decision that feels right in your heart, rather than going by what is in the books. Religions may or may not support people’s homosexuality; however, one must make a stand and stick by it. If you want to accept your gay friend, make sure you set aside all that you have learnt about homosexuality through religion.

2. Handle the fear

It is possible that you may have some kind of apprehension about your friend’s homosexuality. You may not be able to appear cool and casual whenever your friend is around. It is alright to begin with, but make sure you put in some effort to understand what your friend is going through. The more you learn about homosexuality, the less ignorant you will become, and the more you will realize how and what your friend’s feelings are.

3. Be a true friend

Your friend is a friend no matter what his/her sexual orientation is. He/she is the same person. Try and remember why you are his/her friend and about the qualities in him/her that you like. Focus on your friendship and the joy it brings you. Forge the rest as it is inconsequential. Acceptance is important for homosexuals. Talk and let your friend talk. Be supportive. That is the least you can do for being a friend.

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