10 Things You Must Never Say to a Guy You Just Started Dating

10 Things You Must Never Say to a Guy You Just Started Dating

If you are one of those who says too much too soon, this is just the right article for you. So here are some things you must never utter to a guy you just started dating.

1. Profess your love

Don’t just keep babbling about how awesome he is before ultimately ending up saying “I love you.” Of all the things, this one will surely send him running for the nearest exit. Love at first sight is surely not a myth, but at least make sure the other person thinks the same before taking things further.

2. Dissect his personality

Don’t say things like “You are an introvert” or “You don’t know how to carry yourself.” Remember, you are his date and not his shrink. So don’t go ahead judging him at the drop of a hat.

3. Plan your kids’ names with him

Talk about kids only if you plan to scare him away. Things like, “I was wondering what we would name our kids” stun people even in a serious relationship, so you may well imagine what an effect it would have if said during the first couple of dates.

4. Ask for his social networking passwords

People have right to privacy even after marriage and you are just a girl he has been going out with for a couple of days. You may be a stanch believer in sharing everything but this would be a tad too early.

5. Talk about how good your ex was

There are some girls who can’t seem to get past their ex boyfriends out of their heads. It is as if they were forced to go out on the present date. If that is not the kind of vibe you want to get through to him, make sure not to say things like “Oh, he cared about me so much” like a million times during the date.

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