8 Fun Activities For Your Toddler

8 Fun Activities For Your Toddler

From the time your little one was born until today, you must have noticed many changes in him/her. As your bundle of joy is growing big, you must be noticing that he/she is becoming more active with the passage of time. It must be getting difficult for you to control your little prince/princess and run behind him/her. In that case, you must engage him/her in some creative activity. You can choose one of the activities mentioned below. The best thing about these activities is that they are very educational and will help your child understand a few things about the world outside.

1. Creating sound

Get two pans from your kitchen and show your child how banging one pan against the other creates sound. Encourage your child to repeat the activity by clapping and perhaps singing a nursery rhyme for your darling.

2. Pointing the animal

Sit with your toddler with a book in your hand which has pictures of various animals. Now, recite a story that has many animals and show your toddler pictures, as you mention each animal. For example, when you talk of the lion, your finger should be on the lion’s picture. Now, repeat the story and let your child follow suit.

3. Crumbling a paper and tossing it up

Take pieces of paper, preferably old newspaper, and show your child how to crumble them. Once your baby understands how to crumble them, ask him/her to toss it in the air. You can catch this paper ball and give it back to your toddler.

4. Putting stuff in and pulling stuff out

Get an old box and some small things like paper balls that can fit into your child’s fist. Now, ask your baby to put all of these things inside the box. Once that is done, ask your little one to put everything out. Now, ask your child to go inside the box (if it’s big enough for your child) and then ask your darling to come out! This will enhance his/her spatial knowledge.

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