5 Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

5 Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common phenomenon. It’s not popularized as it tarnishes the name of the organization and exposes the ugly side of the existent and pre established power relationships. Men and women can both be victims of sexual harassment. Sometimes certain things are not as friendly as they are made to appear. Here are 5 signs of sexual harassment in the work place.

1.Back slapping

Some men tend to be very friendly, sometimes over friendly that could manifest as inappropriate behavior in the office. They wink at you and while you are passing by their desk or from anywhere around them, they slap you on your back with a folded magazine or newspaper or with their bare hands. At first you might think that he is just trying to make you comfortable or be nice but it is a clear sign of sexual advancement.

2. Flirty desk talk

If you are working on the computer and are online, he sends you winks and flirty messages even if you don’t appreciate it as much. Sometimes even when the office boy can get files or things to your desk, he will still deliver them to you on your desk. He will put his hands around your shoulder, touch you and find every excuse to be close to you.

3.Under the desk fiddling

If you are sitting across a desk, sometimes when you take off your footwear, he will try to use his toes to fiddle with your toes, run his toes on your legs or tickle you. These are not friendly gestures. These are uninvited sexual advances which need to be stopped or brought to the notice of the sexual harassment cell in your organization.

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