5 Things You Must Know About Wedding Guest Etiquette

5 Things You Must Know About Wedding Guest Etiquette

Tania, 42, a successful wedding planner, finds time to discuss wedding guest etiquette with us. She tells all you wedding guests how you should act, behave, dress and gift. “The most terrible thing the host has to tolerate in a wedding is annoying guests without any etiquette!”, she quips. Check out what she has to say about wedding guest etiquette.

Etiquette #1: Please RSVP at the earliest

Did you think that your etiquette as a wedding guest comes into play only during the wedding? No friends. “As a wedding planner, I know how troubled the hosts become when they don’t get timely replies for attendance. Everything in a wedding revolves around head count. From the food, seating arrangements, gifts to the room space and much more”, says Tania. Make it a point to follow this etiquette as a wedding guest and help out your hosts.

Etiquette #2: Turn off your cell phone during the nuptials

Imagine what would happen when a priest is saying “Do you accept her as your lawfully wedded wife?” and the room suddenly reverberates with the ‘tring-tring’ noise of your cell phone. Imagine how badly this may show on your wedding guest etiquette?”, says Tania. There’s no excuse for not following this etiquette, friends. No cell phone means no cell phone. You simply can’t spoil the precious moment for the couple.

Etiquette #3: Send a gift even if you don’t attend

“Many folks don’t think this is necessary but in my view, this wedding guest etiquette is absolutely crucial”, mentions Tania. Don’t take the couple’s invitation for granted. Appreciate the fact that they remembered you and sent you an invitation. Maintain good etiquettes of a wedding guest and send them a token or a gift through their wedding registry, even if you don’t plan to attend. They’ll remember you for this kind gesture throughout their lives.

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