6 Fun Family Christmas Picture Ideas

6 Fun Family Christmas Picture Ideas

All the cameras in your family are likely to go on a tizzy during Christmas time. After all, this is the time when most of the family manages to get together and celebrate. Instead of the usual family pictures, here are a few fun ideas you can use for clicking family snaps this Christmas.

1. Santa Claus picture

Imagine how your family would look if everyone was dressed in a Santa Claus costume? The picture would look hilarious. Get a few Santa Claus suits on rent according to everyone’s sizes in your family and get them to pose for a picture. Since everybody will look the same, it would be fun to recognize everyone when the prints come out. Later, you can also put up this picture on Facebook for the rest of your extended family to guess the names of everyone in the picture.

2. Christmas present picture

If you really want to be creative all the way and do something drastic for a Christmas family photo, create a large cardboard box inside which all the members of your family can stand. Paint that box in bright colors so that it looks a gift wrapped box. Once everyone has stepped inside, use a huge red satin sash which can be wrapped around everybody to make it look like a ribbon which has wrapped a present. Making your family look like a present could be the perfect present for your family this Christmas.

3. Snowman picture

What’s Christmas without a snowman? This year, get your Christmas family photo with a snowman. Let every member of the family build their own snowman. Once all the snowmen are ready in a line, get each family member to stand behind his or her own creation and take a group picture. This will be a fun Christmas picture that you will remember years later too.

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