4 Signs that Your Lover Is Your Best Friend

4 Signs that Your Lover Is Your Best Friend

Are you already in love? Well, in case you are, then the most general realization that many people have is about their lover being not just that missing chunk of their heart but also their best friends. This discovery sure is fulfilling. However not every relationship will be structured similarly, even though the prospect of having a lover who is your best friend is simply amazing.

How about scrutinizing your relationship again? Maybe there are moments where your lover has always put his foot forward. In fact, maybe the love deep down has a foundation that initiated from simple friendship.Well that would be such an uncomplicated bond. Here are those few signs which reveal if your lover in fact is your best friend!

1. Freedom in the Relationship

If there’s one asset that a best friend doesn’t take away, it is your freedom with respect to your personal decisions and social interactions. And in case your lover gives you that right, then he/she is certainly a friend who understands your independence.

2. Respect for Privacy & Space

Personal space and privacy are like supplies for one’s individual growth. Hence if your lover is just like your best friend who refrains from dominating your space, he’s certainly a keeper.

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