Best Of 2011 Fashion Trends For Women

Best Of 2011 Fashion Trends For Women

Being able to follow the latest fashion trends is every woman’s desire. Fashion trends depend a lot on the weather since the comfort factor is very important when it comes to dressing up. However, following a fashion trend is all about the right mix of fashion and comfort. Read ahead and discover some of the best 2011 fashion trends.

1. Tops

During Spring, plunging necklines and crop tops were seen as some of the most happening fashion trends amongst those belonging to the age group of mid-20s to mid-30s. Halter tops are also back this year along with longer dresses and sheer maxi dresses which have definitely been preferred over mini skirts.

2. Fabrics and Textures

Intricate lace design resembling vintage fashion – like crochet and macramé from the 70s – have also conquered the fashion world during 2011. Neutral and whitewashed colors have dominated the fashion world this year. However, bright and intense neon colors such as bright orange, turquoise and honeysuckle pink have also been used in a variety of outfits this year.

3. Pants

Wide leg pants and trousers, bell-bottoms and Capri pants have all ruled the fashion world in the category of pants during 2011. Jumpsuits and playsuits made a re-entry into this year’s fashion world. Weekend drapey trousers inspired by the loungewear trend have also turned quite a few heads.

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