5 Symptoms of Acne Rosacea

5 Symptoms of Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea is a common human skin disease found especially in white-skinned people. It is called acne as it looks like it but is not the same. Initially, it erupts just like acne but the symptoms are different. It affects the face and chest. Here are some of the symptoms of acne Rosacea.

1. Blush like redness on the cheeks

This is the first symptom of acne rosacea. It might occur at the adolescent age but mostly it occurs at a later stage in life and it might not go for a very long period. Generally, dermatologists do not give any medication for such a blush like redness, unless it gets septic or gets very irritating.

2. Formation of cyst or pimples

Puss filled cyst or pimples occur on the face and they do not budge even after the basic treatment of gels and facial creams. These cysts increase if they are crushed with fingers and there is increase in the redness on the face. Such cysts and pimples have nothing to do with age. They can occur even if the person in his/her 40s.

3. Fine broken veins on the face

Our face has many thin fine veins called capillaries. They are present under the layers of the skin. If these capillaries start coming on the cheeks and can be seen very prominently under the thin layer of the facial skin, then it is a symptom of acne rosacea. These increase in number eventually and one has to visit a dermatologist or a doctor to get a treatment.

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