5 Tips to Date Successfully After a Long Break

5 Tips to Date Successfully After a Long Break

For most women out there who have had a messy divorce or a painful breakup, dating again can look like a challenge. First you take a lot of time to heal and when you finally do, you feel so out of touch that getting back to the game feels scary. Sad as it is, even the best of long-term relationships or marriages can break. This is a fact of life. But that’s not the end of world. Take time, spruce yourself up and expect to find love again. Here are five tips to date successfully after a long break.

1. Assess goals

The adage goes, once bitten twice shy. You might want to spend some time thinking what are your goals in terms of a new relationship. Are you looking for emotional support and sensitivity from your man? Or money and power fuel your fancy? Some women don’t want to begin a relationship right away. Sometimes all they look for is a good time and hot sex. And some want nothing to do with physical intimacy. All they want is a friend. So assess your goal and then act accordingly. At the end of the day it’s just dating. Yet, you never know when you come across that elusive love you’ve searched for all your life. Knowing what you want from life will make sure you don’t pass in ignorance when the right guy comes along.

2. Invest in yourself

Thai massage and a visit to the spa could be good ways to pamper yourself, but investing in one’s self means much more than that. This means taking stock of your true character and needs. Listening to your inner self, spending time on that half-forgotten hobby you’ve been putting off for ages, because you were too busy taking care of your family. While relationships are important, they demand a lot. At times, the whole of you! So, when it ends, it may take a while for you to figure out what you are really like. So try and relax. Meet friends, discuss your problems or realizations, read books, go to the concerts, take a vacation – in short, do things that make you click! When the happiness has been restored, people around you will notice. You will meet someone new. Now that you’ve discovered yourself, you’ll be better prepared as to what kind of person you would like to date.

3. Relegate time for dating

This’ll sound like a chore, but do keep a separate time to find the prospective dates. Say 30 minutes from your busy schedule. Dating online is such a taboo, but there are good people out there too. Chances are some of them are just as scared and uncertain as you, about dating after a hiatus. So, be positive and keep looking.

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