8 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

8 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

How we communicate with others around us speaks volumes about us. Although we communicate with different people on a regular basis, we need to know that we cannot be the same with everyone. It might sound hypocritical but workplace etiquette and social norms dictate that we follow certain rules and tips when we communicate with colleagues or bosses at the workplace. Effective communication will also get you the desired results in the workplace by bringing down delays and getting rid of any misunderstandings.

1. Be short and crisp

You don’t have to worry about offending anyone as this is a workplace and the main thing is to get the work done. When you are giving instructions or explain something, be short and crisp so the information is passed on effectively. A long winding monologue will only serve to bore the listener and make him or her miss out on important points.

2. Smile

You do not have to smile all the time, but walking around with a smile and nodding or wishing someone when you cross paths always is good. You bring cheer to the workplace and people like you better.

3. Do not gossip

It is nice to know about the people you work with, but one thing that should be avoided at all costs is gossiping. It is mean to begin with and also you never know when the gossip can reach the ears of an unintended recipient getting you into trouble.

4. Do not demean yourself

In an effort to be funny, many people tell self-depreciating stories. This is not always funny and totally inappropriate at the workplace. Your colleagues don’t have to hear about your drunken escapades of the weekend. You have friends to do that with. It always helps to maintain dignity at the workplace.

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