10 Reasons Why Aries Girls Rock

10 Reasons Why Aries Girls Rock

If your birth date falls between March 21 and April 19, it means your astrological sign is Aries. While people may say that you are moody, short tempered, self-involved, impulsive and impatient, punch them if they don’t seem to notice your plus points. There are so many reasons why you are awesome. Read 10 reasons why Aries girls rock.

1. Aries girls are optimistic

It goes without saying how important optimism is in life. Everyone loves to be around an optimistic girl. An optimistic girl fills the life of other’s around her with positivity and confidence. Aries girls’ minds are filled up to the brim with optimism and that’s exactly what they spread around them.

2. Aries girls are courageous

There is nothing that anyone can do to scare an Aries girl off, cause they are fearless. They hold their ground firm and courageously. Bravery is in their blood. They don’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks. If they believe in something, they will stand by it, even if they have to face the wrath of the whole world.

3. Aries girls are straightforward

Aries girls believe that honesty is the best policy. What is on their minds comes from their mouth. So you won’t find any kind of backbiting or bitching over here. If they feel something about you, they have the guts to come up to you and tell you about it. Their courage is what comes to use here.

4. Aries girls are strong

You cannot shake off an Aries girl from her decision. Nor can you make her breakdown and accept defeat. An Aries girl is strong enough to stand by herself and her decisions. She is also tough enough to face any kind of problem and pain in the world.

5. Aries girls are independent

Aries girls don’t need someone to look after them. They can very well look after themselves. They are self-driven and possess the ability to fend for themselves. They are definitely not needy. It is the courage and strength that they possess that makes them independent.

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2 Responses

  1. Aries Woman says:

    Thank you for posting the positive traits of Aries girls, as I am sick to death of people putting us down. I have a Leo friend and she is claimed to be the ‘queen of the jungle’, as with other Leo friends I have had. I find this to be rubbish as they just graze around and can’t do nothing without the motivation from her Aries friend behind her helping her to go forth! Leo girl natural leader? I think not. They are also the ones who would attack you from behind just as a lioness does in the wilderness. But when your face to face they cower like cowards and run.
    We are honest and love hard and would die for those that we love. We would never put a man before our friends nor would we forget them. We stand up for women not add to their oppression by taking a man’s side for the sake of being flattered or complimented. And if it wasn’t for us Aries girls, women would be still fighting for equality and tied to the kitchen sink!
    So please all you haters of Aries girls, are you sure that it’s not just jealousy that is what’s really bothering you? Were not jealous of others because we make our own world not by taking it away from others who have worked hard for it!
    We believe in justice not sitting there when someone gets hurt, even if that means that we get burnt ourselves. How many other signs would do that? Not many, if not one.

    • jus jaz says:

      I love this & yes it is soooo true! especially about the not being jealous of others part. I’m an Aries & i’m too far into my own world to even notice what’s going on with others most of the time, so jealousy is never ever a factor.

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