7 Things To Consider Before Getting Into A Live-In Relationship

Is Living In Together The Right Decision For You

The society has already pulled up its bars when it come it live ins now. Live ins are no longer looked down upon. In fact living in before marriage has become more common than ever. Many of us believe that unless we live in with our partner, we can’t be sure whether we are compatible or not. However living in is a big decision and has to be thought over well before you settle down with someone. Is living in with your partner the right decision for you? Take the following conditions into consideration before you finally make your decision.

1. Since how long do you know the person?

This is a very important question that you should be asking yourself before you decide to settle down with someone. Living day and night and sharing the same roof with a stranger is highly risky. Hence make sure that you are very much certain about the person’s background. He should be a person whom you can totally trust on, no matter what.

2. Have you dated the person for a while?

When you are living in with someone you can’t just wake up in the morning, find this huge turn off and ask them to leave. Breaking up becomes even harder here. So even if the two of you have been great friends for a long time, make sure that you have been romantically involved as well for a while before you move in together. In this way you can be more sure of taking a correct decision and not regretting later.

3. Have you chosen a safe place?

Don’t just let them decide where the two of you are going to stay together. Go along with them and choose a place that even you are comfortable with. Avoid choosing a place that is in a remote area.
Instead pick a place that is very much social and with lots of neighbors. In this way you will feel safer when you are at home with them. It is not about trust here, it is just better to be safe than

4. Do you understand each other’s level of commitment?

How committed you are to them and vice versa matters a lot. See that the two of you have a healthy talk about other’s plans for the future. Don’t simply be blinded by love. Think with both your heart and head so that you take a decision that you can be proud of, in future.

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