5 Smart Eye Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

5 Smart Eye Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

Do you wear glasses on a regular basis? Are you afraid of applying eye makeup? Then don’t be. We’ve got in touch with Nicole, 32, who is a working woman, a mom of two and someone who wears glasses. She’s here today to give us some great eye makeup tips for women who wear glasses.

Tip 1: Line your eyebrows

“This eye makeup tip is rare and unheard of”, says Nicole. “When you wear glasses, your frames take up a lot of attention. In order to divert focus, here is a tip. Make sure you use an eyebrow liner and accentuate your brows”, advices Nicole. “Oh yes, this will not only define the brows but also accentuate the eyes”, we add in agreement.

Tip 2: Double line your lower eyelid

“An easy way is to double line your lower eyelid with an eyeliner. And if you want to go the funky way, use two different colors for the double lining”, she adds. Looking fairly surprised, we said, “Oh, we never knew this eye makeup tip for bespectacled women. It’s interesting to know that the focus should be on the lower eye lid and not the upper eye lid”.

Tip 3: Keep it simple

“Here is a caution eye makeup tip for women who wear glasses”, says Nicole. “Many women prefer to wear their frames in stunning red or green or other jazzy colors. A great eye makeup tip is to keep the eye makeup limited to soft browns and beiges”, says Nicole. “Why so Nicole?”, we ask. “That’s because you can chose to draw attention to only one thing, the frames or your eye makeup”. This tip does make sense, doesn’t it friends?

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