5 Ways You are Sabotaging Your Relationship

5 Ways You are Sabotaging Your Relationship

Relationships can be very complicated. It’s easy to find someone and hit it off, but it takes patience, love and respect for each other to keep it intact and lasting. Sometimes your behavior can destroy something you have so carefully protected. Here are 5 things which indicate that you are sabotaging your relationship.

1. Don’t let your past relationship determine your present one

Sometimes your past is so over powering that even when you think you are completely over someone you had been in a relationship with, your past comes back to haunt you. You start drawing comparisons and even say it bluntly. It feels very hurtful and it might agitate him so much that your relationship would be over even before you know it.

2. Being dangerously insecure

You are jealous of every girl he talks to, you want to keep his passwords, answer his calls and question his work relationship with his colleagues. He can’t even appreciate a pretty looking girl for the sake of it. That will be pushing a bit too far and it might just topple your entire relationship.

3. Monitoring every move

Some girls follow the guys they like, they keep tabs on their each and every move, and they call their friends to secretly spy on them, make them put their phones on speaker if they are talking to a girl on the phone to know exactly what is going on. These are far and desperate measures and it can just put an end to everything, you will never have a chance to fix something like this.

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