4 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

4 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart attack is not a disease but when an attack occurs then it can be your life’s last chance. Heart attack is a sudden pain in the heart that comes in and lasts for few seconds and then goes away. Sometimes a person doesn’t know she underwent a heart attack. But with the awareness one can make out if the pain is an attack or not. Read the below points and get familiar with the heart attack symptoms.

1. Unexpected chest pains

When there is a heart attack, unanticipated chest pain takes place. These pains are so terrible that a person can’t bear it and tends to fall. A person with high blood pressure is likely to have more chances of having heart attacks than a person with normal blood pressure. It is learnt that stress complements the possibilities of getting a heart attack.

2. Ache in upper body parts

Sometimes the ache doesn’t arise in chest but crops in upper body parts like in the arms, upper stomach, neck, jaws or at the back. Usually, pain in these parts doesn’t attract attention of people but when the severeness of pain compels them to rush for a treatment, it may be too late.

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