7 Beauty Secrets By Using Yogurt

7 Beauty Secrets By Using Yogurt

Everyone likes yogurt! Plain or flavored, as a snack or along with a meal… It’s always there in the house, and it’s always kept in plenty inside the fridge. Now, it’s time for you to unravel some secrets about this unassuming item. Did you know that yogurt has a lot of beauty benefits that you can gain out of it? Listed here are some beauty secrets that you can enjoy with the use of yogurt. Try them all to take your beauty regimen a step higher!

1. Use it for getting whiter teeth

yogurt contains calcium and phosphorous that helps to make the tooth enamel whiter by forming a protective layer that prevents yellowness. It also helps to prevent bad breath. Rub it regularly on your teeth to see good results.

2. Use it to get rid of dandruff

Apply yogurt liberally on your scalp and hair, and allow it to stay there for about 20 minutes before a head wash. It smoothens out your hair, relaxes itchy scalps and reduces dandruff considerably. Try this at least once or twice a week.

3. Use it for exfoliation

Mix some ground walnuts with yogurt to make a homemade scrub. The walnuts will exfoliate the pores, while the yogurt will give nourishment to the skin at the same time, helping you get rid of dry patches, dead skin and calluses.

4. Use it for treating sunburns

The burning and itching sensation that arises out of sunburns can be treated with the help of yogurt. It contains zinc, which soothes the sunburns and helps to get rid of them faster. You can add some chamomile oil to it for forming an even more effective paste, which can be applied for 20 minutes before washing off.

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