9 Tips for Skin Care While on Vacation

Tips for Skin Care While on Vacation

Vacation is those times of the year when you unwind and keep all stressful things away. But should you bid goodbye to skincare during those days? Absolutely not. Here are some quick and simple tips for skin care while on vacation.

1. Moisturize

The most fundamental to every skincare routine is moisturizing. Any kind of travel, and especially air travel, has the ability to dry your skin out and this is when you need to dab on extra moisturizer on face and other exposed areas just before getting on the airplane or prior to getting onto any mode of transport.

2. Protect your skin

You are most unlikely to be aware of the climatic conditions, environment and humidity levels of the place you are visiting. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. Carry sunscreens, insect repellant creams and calamine lotion with you every time you travel. Use adequate doses of sunscreens to block harmful rays of the sun.

3. Use only the best makeup products

Do you shudder the thought of stepping out without makeup? In that case, make sure you bring along water resistant eyeliners, mascara and bronzers.

4. Use a hat when out

Is there a hat sleeping at some corner of your closet? Now is a good time to make some use of it. A hat is essential when you are on vacation. It doesn’t just give protection to your hair but also covers your face and neck from sun’s rays. The wider the hat, the bigger the protection it offers.

5. Use lip balm liberally

A lip balm is the simplest of things to carry. Use it liberally as you travel. The lip balm keeps your lips hydrated and moisturizes it adequately. Both extremes of high heat and biting colds need the quintessential lip balm.

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