7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Dog Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Pet Dog Healthy
Animals are the best creations on the earth. And dogs? They are the most innocent and benevolent friends of man. Dogs are the personification of unconditional love. You just take one step and they’ll walk a million for you. Hence, it is your responsibility to take care and nurture your best pals. Listed here are some ways to keep your dog healthy.

1. Take care of its teeth

Just as brushing your teeth is important, same goes for your dog. Use safe dog toothpastes to brush your dog’s teeth and gums. This will help prevent build up of tartar, painful gums, infection, tooth loss and bad breath. You can also give your dog easily digestible pork hide bones for strengthening their teeth.

2. Take care of its hair

Groom your dog regularly. Brush its coat at least 2-3 times a day to get rid of dead skin, lifeless hair and bugs that might be in its coat. Besides, combing its fur will only improve blood circulation and make its pelt shiny and healthy.

3. Take care of what it eats

Make sure that you give your dog a balanced, nutritious diet. Obesity is not just a human disorder, it is very rampant in dogs too. So, avoid this by offering dog-friendly, low calorie food. Exclude onions, chocolate, raisins, grapes, avocados, nuts and other foods which can wreck havoc with your furry friend’s digestive system.

4. Take your dog for walks

Dogs are full of mischief and playfulness. They simply love to play fetch and romp in the park. Keep your pet healthy by taking it along for long walks, 10-15 minutes of fetch, swimming and hiking. Daily exercise will also help your dog build toned muscles and strong bones and an even temperament.

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