7 Cool Selena Gomez Songs To Groove To

7 Cool Selena Gomez Songs To Groove To

The 19 year old actress and singer who rose to fame with the series ‘Wizard of the Waverly Place’, has been topping the charts with some of her pulsating mixes. A teen sensation, Selena has become quite a popular face post the series. With a number of offers from important people in the industry, this youngest UNICEF ambassador has been rumored to be the next best thing. Here is a list of her seven songs that one can groove to.

1. Kiss & Tell

The 2009 song was a part of the debut album by Selena and The Scene. “Kiss & Tell” made it to the Billboard 200 in its first week itself and stayed there for 52 more weeks! The album and the songs were well received worldwide.

2. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

The song mesmerizes people of every age; Selena has perfectly stated her thoughts on how one should be taken seriously even if they have a slightly childish wit.

3. The Way I Loved You

One of the perfect songs for singles who have broken up, the song tries to capture how we show the world that we do not care about a breakup. But we are crumbling into pieces from within.

4. If Cupid Had A Heart

A fun, sassy number about a girl smitten with a guy and how she wishes Cupid would intervene and do something.

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