5 Signs You are a Perfectionist

5 Signs You are a Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist isn’t always a bad thing, but then again, it isn’t always a good thing either. One should always strive to become better and do better, but this should not become an obsession. Trying to be too much of a perfectionist will eventually make you feel like a loser and you may start suffering from depression. Whereas, always being happy and content with whatever you have done can tend to make you lazy and never push you to unleash your true potential. Hence, it is extremely important to maintain this balance. Here are 5 signs that you may be a perfectionist.

1. You practice harsh judgment

Even if you put your one hundred percent to do a work, at the end, you always blame yourself and think that you could have done better. This also applies while you’re judging someone else. Everyone has a particular potential, and no one can go beyond that overnight. If you refuse to admit this and want everything to be better than the best, you could definitely be a perfectionist.

2. You are highly competitive

Do you always feel the urge to win everything? Even things that are not a contest. You want to be the best cook, the best writer, the best gardener, the best gamer. You want to have the hottest girlfriend, the coolest beach-house, and things that don’t really make any sense. It is humanly not possible for someone to be best at everything, but if you don’t accept that, you’re definitely a perfectionist.

3. You are obsessed about mistakes

You’re never cent percent satisfied with any work you do. After completing any work, be it as simple as cooking dinner for your wife/girlfriend, you keep nagging about what else you could have made or how else you could have decorated the dining table. This habit of yours eventually spoils the entire romantic mood. This definitely isn’t a healthy behavior and is surely a sign of being a perfectionist.

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