5 Signs You Are Ready to Move In Together

 Signs You are Ready to Move in Together

Are you in a relationship that is going well? Are your friends secretly jealous of you because you cannot stop telling them how happy you are with your guy? Okay, so that is a great great thing! Now what? Should you move in? Should you not? How do you decide? Well here are a few signs that show that you are ready to move in together.

1. It is comfortable

When you guys go out to a pub or a lunge, you do not feel odd leaning on him. If you guys are completely comfortable with each other’s touch, then it is probably time to move in together!

2. You know each other really well

You can predict what he is going to say. You know him extremely well. You know how to make him happy. You know what he is like. You know him so well that at times it surprises you. Take the surprise as a sign to move in together.

3. You are sleeping over a lot!

If you guys are sleeping over at each other’s places a lot of the times, then you might as well move in together. Why undergo through the pain of separation when clearly you guys yearn to be with each other? Take it as a sign that you are ready, and just move in!

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