10 Lunch Box Ideas for Your Husband

10 Lunch Box Ideas for Your Husband

To prepare a lunch box for your husband is a mighty task indeed. As a wife, you will know the repercussions of a bad lunch box for the day. There are men who religiously go to work every five or six days of the week, and want sumptuous and delicious food to cheer them up during lunch. Surely, preparing such a lunch takes most of your precious time. Moreover, like a doting and caring wife, you would want your husband to eat healthy food too. Hence, you will always need delicious and yummy lunch recipes that are easy to make, and will bring a smile on your hubby’s face. No one likes to compromise on good food, after all. Here is an amazing range of lip-smacking ideas for your husband’s lunch box.

1. Chicken wraps

Sometimes, food can be monotonous, just like your husband’s job! Thus, make it a point to prepare unusual and delicious dishes that will make your husband’s day better. Wraps can be a great way to break the monotony of regular food items in lunch boxes. Wraps are very easy to make – just add some freshly cut vegetables, boiled or grilled chicken, sauces and cheese or mayonnaise and wrap it up. It is very filling and absolutely lip-smacking, and will make your husband very happy.

2. Baby corn rice

Rice can be really boring, and can even make your husband’s day worse, thanks to his hectic schedule. But if you toss the rice with some spices and baby corn, then you will not see even one grain of rice being wasted by your beloved husband. Take some boiled rice and add some baby corn in it. Then toss it with olive oil, herbs, paprika and green onion, and your amazing baby corn rice is ready to be gulped down.

3. Spicy chicken noodles

Husbands are like kids – you give them a regular dish with some uniqueness, and they will love it. Thai and Chinese are always the hot favourite cuisines for many. If your husband also loves the same, then make him some amazing spicy chicken noodles. The spice in this dish will surely bring back the spice in his monotonous work life. Besides, you will also earn a brownie point for keeping his taste buds alive.

4. Authentic egg fried rice

Chinese dishes are the easiest to make, and also keep your stomach full. If you have leftover boiled rice from last night’s dinner, then utilize it to the fullest, to make some good amount of egg fried rice. With all your Thai or Chinese sauces in place, cut some vegetables of your husband’s choice and toss them up with the rice. Pour in the sauces and garnish it with an egg omelette. Your lip-smacking authentic egg fried rice is ready.

5. California-style sandwich

The thought of California-styled sandwich itself can bring a flood inside your mouth! This absolutely delicious and filling sandwich is a great lunch box idea for your husband, who is a complete foodie and loves to experiment with his food. With chopped apricots or sun-dried tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and one large serving of ham, turkey, chicken or beef, your California-styled sandwich is almost ready. Just place all these things over a slice of bread and add some Canadian cream cheese topping, and you are ready to go.

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