5 Signs He is Serious About Marrying You

Signs He is Serious About Marrying You

So you have been going out with him for quite some time and although you do not talk about it in a straight forward way, there would be times when you wonder if the relationship is going anywhere and if he is interested in marrying you. Depending on the kind of person your boyfriend is it may or may not be a good idea to talk to him about settling down and getting married. He may feel obligated to marry you and many a times, the conversation would not end on a pleasant tone. Instead of worrying yourself and him, you need to look for signs to know if he is serious about marrying you. Once you know his intentions, you can go ahead and plan your life. Here are some signs that will tell you if he is serious about marrying you.

1. He proposes in a low key way and does not show any signs of wavering later on

Instead of an ostentatious proposal which more or less would mean that he is doing it in the heat of the moment, his proposal when he is dead set on marrying you would be low key and heart warmingly sweet. Also you would see no signs of doubts r wavering on his part. He will still be committed to you as he was when he proposed.

2. He will start looking for a job that is more conducive to raising a family or living together for long.

You will also notice that he would either think about or actively pursue a new job so it would be easier for you two to move in together and raise a family. When he is serious you do not have to bug him about trying to bring in some stability into your lives. He will do so on his own.

3. You will be a part of all his family gatherings

Whenever there is an occasion where his family gets together, you will not only be invited but will also be encouraged to take an active part in it. If there are any long standing arguments or feuds, he will also come to you for advice.

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