10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

If you have had a breakup, you will obviously have moved on from the phase of depression and now into making new friends and seeking a new partner. But sometimes, it so happens, that your ex realizes his mistake and wants to get back together. But since you have broken off, he will not express his desire to get back together so openly. But by the different things that he does, you can make out what is on his mind. Nevertheless, whether you decide to be lovers again or not, keep in mind that you must not make the same mistake twice because the second time around, things get nastier. Listed below are 10 signs that your ex wants you back.

1. He is trying to establish contact with you through mutual friends and otherwise. If you find him sending you messages and emails and looking for opportunities to talk to you, it could be a sign that he now wants you back.

2. If you come in contact again, he talks with you more and ends up spending more time you. You will find him lingering around and he will not miss one chance to interact with you.

3. He still wishes you on your birthday and does not forget to greet you on special occasions – but it is the same way as it used to be when you were in a relationship or suddenly the trend seems to have perked up. It could be sign that he wants you back.

4. If the breakup was his fault or if he was responsible in any way, he will be trying to explain himself. He will try and tell you that he did not do it on purpose or that it was only a mistake. If you find him making attempts to explain himself to you, it is a sign that he now wants you back.

5. If you ever come across him or you ever come to enter into a conversation post breakup, you find him trying to steer the topic towards your relationship and breakup. He talks about how nice it would have been if you two had still been together or how the breakup could have been averted. If you notice such things, it means he regrets having broken up with you and now wants to be lovers again.

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